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About me

Born and bred in Derbyshire my love for the outdoors has always inspired my art from a very young age. This led me to study Wildlife Illustration at degree level in South Wales and then train as an art teacher. My teaching brought me to Lincolnshire where I enjoyed teaching secondary Art and Photography for 20 years. 

Working with young people opened up opportunities for me to qualify as a mountain leader taking me out into the wild places of the UK and overseas which often inspires by current artwork.


My affection for drawing in particular builds the foundations of my work and teaching. Picking up a pencil and making marks is just the start but a skill I cherish and enjoy just as much as I did as a child. 


Time in our beautiful landscapes and encounters with wildlife settles my mind and bring calm to a busy world. These experiences alongside my love of animals therefore feel the right subjects for my own art creations and frequently become the subject matter for the art and nature based workshops I currently run.  


In more recent times I have started to create personalised pet portraits. Having spent my childhood adventures with Charlie our family Labrador I cannot think of any better way to enable my customers to enjoy their additional family members. 


The Robin featured in my logo is one of the first illustrations I created in the style I primarily use today and was a present for my sister after our Mum passed away. 'Robins appear when loved ones are near...' is a quote my sister holds strong in her beliefs and therefore it felt appropriate to use it as my logo. My Mum always encouraged and celebrated my artistic skill and love for art. Her and the rest of my family's belief in me drives me everyday, plus Robins are a sign of good luck. 


I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it, thank you for taking a look.         

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