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A great photo makes all the difference...

When commissioning a portrait either animals or people good photographs can make all the difference. If you are looking to commission an animal or people portrait please consider the following.

1. Lighting - where possible natural lighting is always good as it limits too many shadows and no flash on the camera/phone to prevent over flat images.


2. The angle - Eye level looking directly across at the person or animal creates a natural image that connects with the viewer however if you are looking for something more creative I am happy to work with your ideas. 

3.Focus - Ensure the image is fully focused with no blurred motion. 

Here are some examples of great photos:

Tilly crop.jpg
Dog Staffie.jpg
Crop 5.jpeg

Framing options for Pet Portraits... 

All commissions come framed unless you would like to frame it yourself.

Below are examples of the frames I typically use. 

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